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by Peter Familari

24th January, 2018


Price Checking on your mobile is kind of old hat. Especially since GadgetNET will keep you informed of all the gadget bargains on the planet with its new Price Check reader feature (more on this later).

As good as our word, here’s a gilt edged bargain.

It’s the Aktimate Blue speakers that usually sell for $999. Right now they can be yours for $599 from Scorptec Computers.

And it’s even sweeter knowing the AktiMate Blue speaker are designed and manufactured by Epoz, a small Australian brand from Sydney’s Northern beaches and one with a global footprint these days.

The AktiMate Blue is one model from a range of AktiMate speakers. It’s a self-powered model that’s racked up plenty of praise and awards, in fact our friends over at What Hi-Fi? gave them a 5 star review.

For a desktop speaker, the Blue generates plenty of enjoyable SPLs thanks to a cabinet that’s 32cm high. Larger than the usual run of desktop bangers, but required to generate a big soundfield.

Your $599 buys a beautifully crafted model with analogue stereo inputs and three digital connections USB (24-bit/96kHz), optical and coax (both handle 24-bit/192kHz data streams) along with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Drivers installed in each Blue are a 25mm dome tweeter and a 16.5cm polypropylene mid/bass driver.

The Blues come with a handy credit card remote.

At a full $400 off the retail price, there's never been a better time to buy Blue, in Red, White or Black (oddly, there's no Blue option!).

Visit Scorptec for more information.


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